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Meet The Doctors

Dr. Matthew Schindlbeck, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Matthew Schindlbeck answered the calling to a career in chiropractic after low back pain threatened his high school football career. When pain and anti-inflammatory medication didn't work, his family encouraged him to consider chiropractic care. Unsure of how it'd go, yet feeling out of options, he gave it a chance.

His pain, stiffness and range of motion improved within in the first few weeks. Continual followup treatments proved so beneficial that he continued on a wellness plan for the duration of his high school sports career. He knew firsthand the power of chiropractic care and soon developed a fascination of the power of the human body.

Dr. Matt earned his doctorate from Northwestern College of Chiropractic and was on a mission to increase the awareness and benefits of safe and natural chiropractic care in the Frisco area. His emphasis and philosophy focus on preventative and wellness care with therapies and rehabilitation. He specializes in soft tissue therapies, utilizing the Graston Technique, MyoFascial Release and sports-focused chiropractic.

Since 2011, the amazing response from patients and local communities has allowed ChiroConcepts to expand to five state-of-the-art locations.

When not working, Dr. Matt's zest for living in health is evident through his adventures in camping, hunting, fishing, golfing, mountain biking and traveling. Just as he values the health and vitality of his patients, Dr. Matt considers working out to be a mainstay of his own life. He is an active community member and volunteer. His inspiration comes from his family.

Dr. Chris Skelton, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Chris Skelton is a Chiropractic Sports Physician, CrossFit Trainer, certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, certified Police Officer Standards and Training Council for Health and Wellness, certified Functional Movement Specialist and competitive CrossFit athlete. He has an extensive background in fitness, health and wellness and has a passion for teaching, coaching and inspiring. Dr. Skelton's approach is one of prevention, improved performance, and function. He believes that exercise should be utilized to improve your ability to function in all activities.

Dr. Skelton attended Sacred Heart University where he was a former division 1 mens volleyball athlete and earned his degree in biomechanics and kinesiology. This led him to the University of Bridgeport where he graduated in 2013 Magna Cum Laude with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Following 9 years of owning and operating a chiropractic office and CrossFit gym in Fairfield Conneticut, Dr. Chris, his wife Meghan, and 3 kids chose to move to the North Dallas area to be closer to family. Dr. Chris and his wife both continue to play club volleyball and still love to coach to this day.