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How Can Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment Help Get Rid of Text Neck?

Written By ChiroConcepts of Plano West on February 12, 2018

Never heard of the condition “text neck” before? Where have you been all this time? 

Text neck is the latest health buzzword and it’s caused by an increasingly common feature in modern society – technology.

As more of us spend hours stooped over so we can look at our handheld devices, smartphones, and laptops, more of us are starting to experience pains in our necks and backs.


Because holding your head forward in such a way puts added pressure on your neck and spine, causing persistent pain and perhaps even life-long damage. 

The Science Behind Text Neck

A recent study, conducted by a U.S. scientist, looked at how damaging this newfound posture is for our spinal health. 

In his report, Dr. Kenneth Hansraj commented that, when in a “neutral position,” i.e. looking straight ahead, our heads weigh approximately 10-12lb. However, as we tilt our heads forward to start looking at various devices, this weight increases. 

At 15 degrees, your head weighs 27lb; at 30 degrees it weighs 40lb; at 45 degrees it weighs 49lb; and at 60 degrees it weighs 60lbs. 

It’s no surprise, then, why many of us who are guilty of spending hours on technological devices are suffering from this growing epidemic. 

Seeking the Right Neck Pain Treatment Plan 

Many people who have text neck will find the onset of the condition triggers a tight, uncomfortable feeling in the upper back, shoulders, and neck. However, as it progresses, it can start to affect other areas of your body, too. You may begin to notice shooting pains down your arms and into your hands, painful spasms in your back, headaches, and other health concerns. 

That’s why it’s crucial you visit your chiropractor in Plano for their advice and help. Not only can they help alleviate your symptoms through a number of chiropractic techniques, e.g. spinal manipulation and massage therapy, but they can also offer helpful advice on how you can improve your posture. 

Teaming this effective treatment plan with your own exercises and posture improvements at home should help reduce your symptoms, before eradicating them entirely over time. 

It’s time to live the pain-free life you want and deserve, so why not visit our specialist chiropractic clinic in Plano today? We’ll offer you a tailored treatment program that’s right for you. 


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