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Sports Recovery Therapy in Plano

Only $20 per Session

Holistic, all-natural treatment to enhance athletic performance and promote injury recovery.

With nearly 30 million U.S. children enrolled in competitive sports and increasing numbers of adults engaging in recreational matchups, sports therapy recovery is a vital component to any competitor’s skill set.

At ChiroConcepts of Plano West we create specific treatment plans to address any underlying issues impeding top performance, as well as work to quickly address injury and strain. If you or your child are engaged in the growing field of recreational competition, we can help ensure you are at peak achievement and free from unnecessary pain and strain.

Our Services for Athletes

Before starting with us, you may be curious as to the nature of the services available for youth and adult sports participants.

At our facility, we offer any of the following to enhance overall health:

  • Team approach: The chiropractor is one component of many professionals working in concert to treat the whole person, including providers and nutritionists.

  • Unique treatment: We offer treatments including cupping, dry needling, and cold compression machines to engage each athlete’s affected muscle groups.

  • Massage therapy: ChiroConcepts of Plano West provides massage chairs in its sports therapy treatment programs. We also offer trigger point massage for athletes experiencing acute muscular pain sites.

  • Cutting-edge equipment: We ensure our athletic patients have access to the latest equipment to enhance performance, including a zero-gravity treadmill, intersegmental traction tables, and electrical simulation.

For serious athletes needing serious musculoskeletal treatment,ChiroConcepts of Plano West is the all-inclusive provider ready to meet both preventative and pain-relief needs.

Contact our office right away for a consultation and treatment plan for sports therapy recovery: 972-781-1878.