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Category: Neck Pain Treatment

The Best Thing You Can Do for Neck Pain

Written By ChiroConcepts of Plano West on April 30, 2021

The best neck pain treatment is found in a chiropractic office, where a doctor will assess your case and approach the root of the problem. Home remedies and pain pills address the symptoms; not the cause.  If you suffer from neck... Read More

Choose ChiroConcepts for Effective Whiplash Treatment

Written By ChiroConcepts of Plano West on February 18, 2020

Whiplash damages the soft tissues in the neck, which causes limited mobility and pain. ChiroConcepts Plano West, Texas is known for its specialties in chiropractic methods, physical therapy, and injury recovery to treat whiplash. ChiroConcepts offers many options to cure your... Read More

Neck Pain Treatment in Plano: 3 Ways It Can Reduce Pain from Poor Posture

Written By ChiroConcepts of Plano West on December 5, 2018

With more people using smartphones and tablets on a regular basis, more people will inevitably be suffering from poor posture. It’s the same for people who are hunched over a desk all day at work. Unfortunately, bad posture can have a... Read More

How Can Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment Help Get Rid of Text Neck?

Written By ChiroConcepts of Plano West on February 12, 2018

Never heard of the condition “text neck” before? Where have you been all this time?  Text neck is the latest health buzzword and it’s caused by an increasingly common feature in modern society – technology. As more of us spend hours stooped... Read More

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